How this Hero almost lost it all yet, gained everything.

See how this soldier risked his life, almost lost it all and came back to overcome and find his inner athlete!

Ladies Who Love Christ

I have always been a firm believer in overcoming trials, learning from life’s lessons and becoming an achiever. I am intrigued by Gods awesomeness and how he can help bring about some of the greatest blessings from the messes and trials in life. Sometimes, it takes the most life changing moments for doors of opportunity to open and for appreciation to flow into our hearts.

As a result, I am kicking off this new “feature” section of my blog where I interview REAL people who have overcome REAL trials in their lives. Each feature highlights amazing stories of trials to triumph and the human “will” to succeed, overcome and rise above!

I felt it would be perfect to kick off this new “feature” section with someone I am blessed to know.  Joe Beimfohr is what I consider to be a true “hero”. In 1995 at the young age of 17…

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